Prof. Dr. Grösser presents „Blue Enterprise“ at a leading cybernetics conference at the RWTH Aachen University

ev2012logoComplexity within companies and between companies and the market has increased drastically over the past few years. A proposal to deal with this challenge has been presented in a keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Stefan Grösser at the interdisciplinary conference “Exploring Cybernetics 2014”.

“We are unable to comprehend complexity using the current management practices”, he said. “Leaders have to learn to accept and cope with a higher degree of complexity.”

Prof. Dr. Grösser suggested to use company simulation to analyze business models and include the higher degree of complexity in these simulations. “Cybernetic simulations of companies offer the opportunity to improve the development of business models as well as evaluate their short and medium term performance ahead of their implementation.”

The conference “Exploring Cybernetics 2014” took place on October 12th to 14th in Aachen, Germany.

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