Leadership and the art of predicting the future of healthcare

Abstract from the presentation at the 22nd congress of the EAHP:

In current business and economy scenarios, hospital pharmacy is facing major challenges to fulfil its mandate to provide medicines due to repeated disruptions of the supply chain and shortages of any kind. Regardless as to whether such situations could have been avoided by early and proper actions such as key account management, future behaviour of hospital pharmacy managers should ensure a high degree of compliance to the mandate and accountability for the patients’ interest. Efforts invested in the evaluation of indicators of change, scenarios, and trends as well as in the strategic planning will prevent tiresome troubleshooting and major deviations from effective task fulfilling in future practice. Hospital pharmacy managers should timely construct the framework of indicators of change and analyse their interrelationship. By doing so, they may recognise more readily patterns which deviate from linear developments and anticipate future inconvenient circumstances. A decision taken within a net of interrelations may induce several consequences on the whole framework. Simulation of decision taking and of personal stakeholder constellation is one of the most delicate challenges hospital pharmacy managers will face in the area of organisational development and business reengineering. This seminar will further address data mining options, evaluation of added values and scaled advantages, as well as emerging opportunities and threats. Link to Website

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