Global Days | Digital Skills: What should students learn? How would this change our teaching? A framework for competence development in the 21st century.

Competing on a digital market by offering services and goods over an online-platform, developing a web application for a web shop, organizing the product management of a newly introduced software, or working in a virtual team: Our working environment as well as the required skills are drastically changing. This dominant technological development is the major reason for the now-hype about digitalization. It accentuates the need for advanced technological and digital skills which employees need to perform in their jobs. What digital skills do graduates require today to master the job requirements of tomorrow?
First, we look at the definition of (digital) skills and competences. Second, we introduce a competence framework which helps us to look closer at what digital skills and competences students are currently being taught and how those skills might evolve. Third, we look at how effective teaching methods can be used to increase the learning experience of digital natives.

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