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Using white-box nonlinear optimization methods in system dynamics policy improvement

We present a new strategy for the direct optimization of the values of policy functions. This approach is particularly well suited to model actors with a global perspective on the system and relies heavily on modern mathematical white-box optimization methods.

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Digitale Welten: Neue Ansätze in der Wirtschafts- und Sozialkybernetik

Digitale Welten durchdringen Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft und dabei bilden Modelle und Algorithmen die Basis für die Bewältigung deren Komplexität. Das Buch “Digitale Welten: Neue Ansätze in der Wirtschafts- und Sozialkybernetik” stellt ein breites Einsatzspektrum kybernetischer Ansätze in aktuellen Themenfeldern dar.

Türöffner-Events 2017: Gelebte Energiezukunft: Bauen für morgen

Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung “Bauen für morgen”, welche am 15. Juni 2017 in Nidau in der Berner Fachhochschule BFH stattfindet, steht das Thema Energiespeicherung im Zentrum. Unterschiedliche Forschungsgruppen der BFH und das PV-Center des «Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique SA»

New Springer-book publishes the results from an EU-project: “Dynamics of Long-Life Assets”

The editors present essential methods and tools to support a holistic approach to the challenge of system upgrades and innovation in the context of high-value products and services. The approach presented here is based on three main pillars: an adaptation mechanism

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Projekte scheitern wegen dynamischer Komplexität : Qualitative Feedbackmodellierung zur Komplexitätsbewältigung

Gründe für nicht erfolgreiche Projekte sind zum Beispiel Kommunikationsprobleme oder Mangel an qualifizierten Projektmitarbeitern. Dies sind jedoch nur Symptome für tiefer liegende Ursachen. Eine wesentliche davon ist dynamische Komplexität, welche durch die Eigenschaften eines Systems (Verzögerungen, Rückkopplungsbeziehungen, Akkumulationen, Nichtlinearitäten) erzeugt

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Co-Evolution of Standards in Innovation Systems

This book addresses the phenomenon of coevolution of standards in residential built environments. It develops a feedback-rich simulation model of the revelatory case of the Swiss residential built environment, first, in order to explain the historical coevolution of standards in

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Leadership and the art of predicting the future of healthcare

Abstract from the presentation at the 22nd congress of the EAHP: In current business and economy scenarios, hospital pharmacy is facing major challenges to fulfil its mandate to provide medicines due to repeated disruptions of the supply chain and shortages of

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Fit for a digital future: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management Science at the BFH

No industry will be able to dodge the digitalisation of the economy. Starting in autumn 2017, the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) will be training industrial engineers, ready to face future challenges – studying at the interfaces between technology,

First Competence Development Framework for System Dynamics published

Schaffernicht and Groesser published the first competence development framework for the system dynamics methodology. Even though the article is published in the System Dynamics Review (peer-review, ISI journal), it is available via open access to anyone ( For the interested

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New insights about using strategy tools at the Academy of Management Conference #AOM

Stefan Groesser represented the Strategy and Simulation lab at the Academy of Management Conference 2016 in Anaheim, USA. He presented joint projects with colleagues Adrian Stettler and Claus Jacobs on the actual use of strategy tools employing the eye-tracking methodology.

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