Medicine Shortages: A SNF research project (2017-2019)

Ein Medikamentenmangel kann auch Sie treffen! (spirit biel/bienne, 2019)
Circular business models for the solar power industry: EU-H2020 Project CIRCUSOL (2018)
Use-it-wiselyThe Project is a EU research project that draws on the world class knowledge of twenty partners from all over Europe, who are all leaders in their respective fields including: energy, machinery, academia, research, dissemination and exploitation.
unisg-deSzenario-basiertes Management für öffentliche Institutionen (2009)
swico_logoRecovery of critical metals from electronic waste based on the examples of indium and neodymium
swisscom-logoSwisscom (Multi department resource planning )
logo-trost-auto-service-technik-gmbhTrost Auto Service Technik (Strategic Analysis of Market Development)
logo-snfInnovation Diffusion and Substitution in Fragmented, Inert Systems (2006 - 2010)
unisg-deManagement of Capabilities: Boom- and Bust Phenomenon (2009)